What do NCFTB, Wedgwood Circle and Switchfoot have in common?

May 17, 2017

The answer is Jesus, of course!

Hello Friends,

May is in full gear and June is rapidly approaching. With that comes a special event to which we would like to draw your attention. NCF Tampa Bay is co-hosting a dinner with Wedgwood Cirlce to hear a little more about how Christians are engaging culture.

This event focuses on the creation of art and entertainment in the industries of film, music, television, theatre, fashion, fine arts, comics & graphic novels, computer & console gaming, and new media. We will be hearing from Drew Shirley, of Switchfoot, about how he has been successful navigating the world of arts and entertainment while still maintaining his values. 

This is not a fundraiser but simply a time of fellowship to inform us, as followers of Christ, on how we can be strategic and prayerful in our quest to engage pop culture, from some amazing folks that are doing it well.

There is no cost to this event and you are welcome to bring your teens and family, however, space is limited. So please register at the link below.

Please join us Thursday June 15th at 6:30 p.m. at Jacksons Backjack Lounge. 


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